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Topics covered

There are companies that are sitting on a large treasure trove of data, but don't know what to do with it. And then there are those who make smart business decisions from the right data. Where do you stand? How do you use your data?

In this issue of .experience, we take a look at the various possibilities of Big Data and show some best practices from our experience in customer projects.

Our key topics are:

  • How can Big Data improve the customer experience in a healthcare ecosystem?
  • How to increase competitiveness in banking?
  • Often there is a lack of uniform data view
  • Big Data in numbers



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Outsourcing tasks, projects or services is not new. It is nothing more than a modern form of labour division. Companies concentrate on their core competencies and outsource other activities to appropriate specialists.

In this light issue of .experience, we highlight some aspects of the outsourcing establishments and the individual benefits they bring to customers and their projects.

About ERNI

Swiss Software Engineering

ERNI believes in the impact of Swiss Software Engineering to create customer value. Our mission is to boost people and businesses in the innovation of software-based products and services.

A Swiss mindset with behaviours like consensus-building, pragmatism, integration, reliability and transparency have been deeply rooted in the ERNI culture since 1994. Together with our great crew, they are the basis for successful software projects.

Today, the ERNI Group has more than 800 employees at 18 locations.

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